I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and just felt my first Trager session

Testimonial by client TC, New Jersey

History of my injury. I had a work injury in 2007 and suffered extensive nerve damage in my arm. When the pain wouldn't go away I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and told that I would be on multiple pain medications for the rest of my life. In 2010 I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted to help with the pain and cut down the amount of medication that I had been taking. Unfortunately, there were complications with the surgery and I wound up worse than I was before the surgery. I had a bleed in my spinal cord, sciatic pain from the battery that was implanted in my buttocks, constant muscle spasms and aches in my neck and shoulder and balance issues from the spinal cord bleed. After recuperating for a month, my wife and I went on a cruise because we needed to relax. At this point, I was still in bad shape from the surgery and needed a cane to walk because of the drop foot I had developed as a result of the spinal bleed. On the ship, a fellow passenger came up to me and explained that she had suffered a drop foot for several years from injuries she sustained in a car accident. We compared stories and how there isn't much that can be done with spinal and nerve injuries. She then proceeded to tell me how Trager “cured” her drop foot and gave her back her life. She gave me a brief description of what the Trager practitioner does during a session and told me that even though it sounds crazy it really works. I had never heard about Trager prior to this. Once we got home, I went online and looked up Trager. I watched videos and did some research and determined that the bones in my neck were too fragile to even think about trying it. and put it out of my mind. 

Fast forward to 2015. After extensive self-­administered physical therapy in the gym and therapeutic pool, my balance is much improved. The drop foot has been resolved, although I still can not run more than a few steps and never put any weight on my right leg because it can give out at any time causing me to fall. In addition to the old aches and pains, the sciatic pain had worsened and both of my hands would freeze up and cramp on a regular basis. My neck and shoulders are so tight and painful that I still wear a neck brace for long car rides and mowing the lawn. I started thinking about Trager again and wondered if it would help me now that my bones were fully healed. 

I found my Trager practitioner through www.tragerus.org, and had my first session with her on Sunday. Because the first session is complimentary, I had nothing to lose. She explained Trager to me and I watched a video explaining the origin of Trager and a sample session. I was nervous when I saw the neck part of the session, because although it was gentle, my neck wasn't able to move in the positions that the video showed. She then showed me several Mentastics moves that I can do.

No pain, complete relaxation. Finally it was time for the table work. She explained how she would work. and told me to just relax and enjoy it. She worked on me for about and hour and a half and was able to relax every muscle in my body without ever causing me any pain. My sore arm and neck were relaxed for the first time since my injury. At the end of the session while still laying on the table, NOTHING hurt me. It was amazing!

No sciatic pain. It's now 3 days after my initial session and although most of my body has tensed up again (as my practitioner said it would) I have had NO sciatic pain, my right leg is more stable, and my hands and fingers have not had any spasms. Most amazing of all, I did not need to take any pain medication for 2 days following my Trager session. My practitioner explained to me that my muscles have been so tense or so long it will take several sessions to relax them enough that they can stay relaxed for a longer period of time. I can't wait to go back!

T.C., New Jersey